Clock Vault-Hide Photos Videos

We click many snaps and keep saving our moments daily. Most of the moments are those we don’t want to share with anyone; if you are looking for an application to keep your memories private, Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos is a perfect app. It is the vault app that keeps your images, videos, and different other files secure.

Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos app easily hide your images and videos within the private folder. You can manage your gallery in a new and better manner and keep it secure from nosiness. Nobody can access your private folder in the application. This indispensable application hides all media files with a single password. Every time the application will require a new password so nobody can access your private gallery.

Almost 10+ Million people are using the application and making their experience better. Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos application keeps your folder private in clock password as it is not a piece of cake to easily identify the app in your device. You can easily manage your gallery’s albums, import them, view them, and share them. 


  • You can hide your private images from the gallery within the application. You can easily edit the images and rotate and crop them also.
  • Easily hide videos within the app; you can watch them on any video player.
  • With the Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos application, you can lock your contacts, call logs, and social media applications such as messenger, WhatsApp, Email, and other files.
  • You can select images from your gallery as the album cover and make your private folders albums more beautiful.
  • You can make the application’s icon more secret by its launcher. It provides different themes such as a calculator, weather, calendar, and different clocks.
  • The application provides you with a private browser to load images and videos and search any query from the internet, and nobody can access it.
  • The application provides you with many themes to enhance the beauty of your lock screen; you can also select any image from your gallery. 
  • The application provides a Decoy password feature that you can use when a snoopy person requires a password to see what you have in your private folder. It is the alternative to your gallery that you can show to anyone.
  • If someone tries to break the privacy and unlock the apps, it will capture the image of that snooper.
  • You can easily transfer your files and other data to another device.  

How to Set up the Password of Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos? 

  • Stop worrying anymore about the privacy of your phone’s application; the Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos application is the best solution for all your privacy-related issues. It requires a few steps to follow, and you will enjoy a better experience.
  • Step 1: Download the application.
  • Step 2: Open the application; the hands of the clock will start moving and set at 00:00.
  • Step 3: Rotate the hands of the clock to set up the password.
  • Step 4: Now set the clock’s time as your password and press the center button of the clock.
  • Step 4: To confirm the password, repeat the procedure, and the application will lock. 

How to Unlock the Password of Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos?

  • Step 1: Press the center button, and the hands of the clock will rotate and set up their position at 00:00.
  • Step 2: Now rotate the hands at the position of your password.
  • Step 3: Press the center button, and the application will unlock.
  • Step 4: Now select the files and folders to hide them in the application.

Pros of Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos

  • The application is lightweight and small in size.
  • The application is a vault app that can save images and videos from prying eyes and keeps your social media application secure and in different folders. 
  • You can easily hide your images and videos within the application and edit and share them.
  • With customized album covers, you can beautify your photo albums.
  • With the private web browser, you can search anything on the internet within the application without leaving any tracks.
  • You can select themes from your gallery or the application to make a beautiful lock screen.
  • The application secures your private folders and gallery from prying eyes.
  • The application is user-friendly and very easy to use.
  • The application has a built-in image viewer and video player so that nobody can access your private folder.
  • The launcher icon of the application makes it more secret. You can change the application’s icon with a calculator or calendar.
  • The vault app is very useful as it gives you a new way to hide your files and folders with just one lock.
  • You can easily retrieve the password if you forget that. 

Cons of Clock Vault-Hide Photos, Videos 

  • There is no possibility of recovering the data once the app is uninstalled, so restore your files to the device before uninstalling the application. 
  • The application makes you watch too many ads. 
  • Most of the time, the ads are irrelevant.
  • The application is risky as it requires your data. 

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