If you are looking for an application to make your images more beautiful with little effort, stop worrying; Background is best choice. The application is the best thing since sliced bread. It is very easy to recreate your images with fun. The application is very smart, and it makes stunning designs for you. Why are you waiting? Try this stupefying application today and enjoy a better experience.

Background automatically detects the subjects from the images and can easily remove their background. The application removes the background from images and instantly provides transparent images. You can easily make beautiful profiles, product graphics, and stunning banners to meet all your requirements. You can customize the background according to your choice.

The application is very popular, with almost 10+ million downloads, and many people create amazing content by using it. You can recreate your simple image into a stunning one. The application detects the subject from the image and smoothly removes the background within a few seconds. You have to use the Background application, and you can easily share the image with friends on social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. You can make your images stand out. 


  • You can easily recreate your simple images into stunning ones.
  • You can remove the background from the image without any effort with a single click. 
  • The application maintains the highest quality of the image while removing the background.
  • The application is very useful as it saves time and removes background on the go in just a few seconds.
  • Background handles any edges, all challenging elements such as hair extraordinarily well.
  • You can customize backgrounds according to your choice.
  • You can choose any background from the library of the application. You can keep your image transparent or replace it with a colorful and creative background. 
  • The application has several templates of backgrounds and themes. 
  • You can choose your images from the gallery as your background.
  • You can add text and effects to your images.
  • The application is simple, quick, and efficient in working.
  • You can not only make fun profile pictures within the application, but you can also make product images. 
  • The application is used in bigger projects to unleash the level of your creativity. 
  • The application has several design tools. 
  • You can customize your images using design assets, icons, GIFs, and fonts.

How to use the Background remover-    

The application is not a piece of cake as it is very easy to use. You can make your simple image next level. It requires a few steps to follow, and you will enjoy editing your images better and more interestingly.

Step 1: Download the application Background

Step 2: Open the application, and select the image you want to edit. 

Step 3: Upload the image that you select.

Step 4: The background will remove within a few seconds.

Step 5: Choose any background from the library or your gallery. You can keep it transparent.

Step 5: Now, download the image to your gallery. You can share it on social media easily.

Pros of Background

  • The application increases your creativity level.
  • The application is lightweight and small in size.
  • It is user-friendly and very easy to use. You can make your images cool within the application. Just upload your image, and it removes the background within a few seconds 
  • The application uses AI to detect the subject from the image and remove the background. 
  • With this application, you have a perfect image every time.
  • You can easily share your images on social media after editing. 
  • The application assists you in removing the background quickly and easily.
  • You can use various background colors and patterns to customize your image. 
  • You can overlay text on the images and create transparent logos.
  • The application is free to use.
  • The results of your images are always high-quality.
  • The application is best for presentations, collages, and website projects. 
  • The application is 100% automatic without a single click. 
  • The application generates high-quality results.
  • The application is very practical for creating marketing content for businesses.  
  • The application allows downloading as a layer feature.

Cons of Background

  • The application offers limited adjustments.
  • The pricing structure is very unclear.
  • Background makes you watch too many irrelevant ads.

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