AppLock For Android


If you are looking for an application to keep your data private, AppLock is there to make your day easy. It’s not just the application; it is a guard of your android device which prevents your data from unauthorized access. We depend on devices and want to make videos and images and keep our data secure, so this is the best application for all aspects of security and saves your data from the wrong hands. 

AppLock protects your images, messages, videos, music, and emails. The application is a photo vault app that protects your gallery and different files, applications with just a Sigle password. The application is very trustworthy that keeps your data hidden from snoopiness. The application has options for password, pattern, and fingerprint lock; you can choose any of them according to you.

This application is very popular with millions of users worldwide. Almost 400+ million people are using AppLock. The application has a browser where you can search for anything safely, and it will remove your browser history spontaneously. The application is very easy to use and user-friendly.


You must be curious why AppLock users have so many downloads. Let’s find out the most impressive features of utilizing this application, shall we?

  • The application has a browser where you can make your search secure, as it removes your search history easily.
  • You can easily keep your data private from those you don’t want to share.
  • The application ensures the privacy of your social applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • AppLock can lock your pictures and videos as well. That will only show in the application.
  • It prevents unauthorized access from your device applications, gallery, settings, contacts, messages, and contacts.
  • You can choose numerous lock options such as password, pattern, and fingerprint lock for the application; it’s up to you.
  • The application supports 45 languages.
  • It has an unseen pattern lock and random keyboard, which is not easily detectable.
  • Its photo vault feature hides your images and videos from others.
  • The application also has beautiful themes; you can choose according to your choice.
  • If someone tries to breach the security of your devices, the application captures that intruder.
  • The application hides the notifications preview.
  • You can easily customize the AppLock theme according to your choice.
  • There is no limit to saving images in the application.
  • You can make limitless albums within the application.
  • You can set up album covers to make them look gorgeous.
  • You can hide the application icon, so no one knows about the app.
  • The application has a memory cleaner that cleans unnecessary items efficiently. 

How to Use AppLock? 

You don’t need to worry anymore; the Applock application is very easy to use and is very beneficial for you as it is not a simple app; it is the full package of privacy related to your device applications, files, and data. It requires a few steps to follow, and you will get amazing results.

Step 1: Download the app.

Step 2: Go to the settings app.

Step 3: Go to the security option and click on it.

Step 4: Grant access to the application required by the device.

Step 5: Select the lock method of your choice; you can choose the pattern, fingerprint, and password. Please select one of them.

Step 6: Choose one of them and activate it.

Step 7: Revise the procedure to confirm the password. 

Step 8: Select the social media applications, Device applications, and all the files you want to hide from others and add them in the AppLock.  

Step 9: Tap Done.

How to unlock the AppLock?

Step 1: Tap the application icon.

Step 2: Draw the pattern or enter the password or use your fingerprint to unlock the application, that procedure you choose to lock the device.

Step 3: The application will unlock, and you can use it easily.

Step 4: You can select different themes of lock and different covers for albums from applications or your gallery to make them look beautiful.

Pros of AppLock

  • It keeps confidential your private information. 
  • The application keeps your videos and Images hidden.
  • The app is very lightweight and small in size.
  • The application keeps your devices safe from any unauthorized access. 
  • It has beautiful themes that you can enjoy with fun and privacy.
  • No one can breach security easily.
  • You can easily lock the specific app you want; it does not require you to lock all your applications.
  • The application can capture the person trying to break your device’s security.
  • The application deactivates the power-off option of your device. It will be beneficial in case of stolen your device.
  • You can keep your search secure in the incognito mode of the application.

Cons of AppLock

  • It is not easy to manage if you forget your password.
  • Most of the time, the app doesn’t work properly.
  • It requires your personal information.

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